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Elizabeth Cutlass

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Elizabeth Cutlass

Post  Elizabeth Cutlass on Mon Jun 22, 2009 9:37 pm

Name: Elizabeth Cutlass

Student or adult?: Student - 3rd year

House (if student): Slytherin

Light or dark side? (are you with volderort or dumbldore?): More towards Voldemort but doesn't really care.

Appearance: Medium length, dirty-blonde hair. grey-blue eyes, quite tall. multiple scars over her left arm. She has a lot of prosthetic skin covering 1/3 of her body replacing where once was 3rd degree burns. she also has a lot of bruises covering most of her body.

Roleplaying Exsample:
Elizabeth sat in the corner of the Charms classroom. They were all practising the 'protego' charm. Ellie had mastered this in her second year. She had spent most of her second year in the restricted section of the library, researching the 'darker' side of magic. She had learnt all of the Unforgivable Curses without having to say them aloud. So she just sat in the corner in the dark. Practising the Cruciatus Curse on a spider on the wall.
Elizabeth Cutlass

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Re: Elizabeth Cutlass

Post  Malisa Malfoy on Mon Jun 22, 2009 10:03 pm

Oooohhh lovely Razz
Malisa Malfoy

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